Microsoft Teams Novelties

The Teams app has become the center of today’s team collaboration. It has a ton of features to meet any organization’s business needs. Microsoft listens to their users, and that’s why every month they present new functionalities.

Outlook and Teams integration

From now on, you can share an email conversation with your colleagues by clicking on the “Share to Teams” option inside the Outlook client. This can also include attachments. The opposite is possible as well: sharing a Teams conversation via an Outlook email.

Targeted Communication

Tags help to communicate with a subgroup of people that are part of a team. All you have to do is @mention the tag name in a post. Everyone who is assigned to that specific tag will get a notification.

Pin your apps!

Pin your frequently used apps to the Teams app bar.
Find the wanted app, right-click on it, and select “pin”.

Calling and Meetings: Live captions

Live captions are now generally available for Teams meetings. They transcribe what people are saying in real-time.

It’s an excellent feature for people that have problems with hearing, or for those that are located in loud places, such as airports, etc.