SharePoint User Redirect


What is SP User Redirect? SP User Redirect is a SharePoint hosted add-in created so you could easily redirect your team members or specific people to a particular internal or external site when they visit certain pages on SharePoint. How does… Read more

SharePoint Migrator 1 Year License – Giveaway!

Today is April fools day, but not at 3 PRO! We are giving away a one year license for the SharePoint Migrator. All you have to do is like our 3 PRO Facebook page and share this post on your Facebook profile… Read more

SharePoint Migrator 50% Discount

Use the opportunity! We are offering you a short-term discount for the SharePoint Migrator. Discount coupon code is available from September 21, 2015 until September 26, 2015. Coupon code: SPM1G50 Buy SharePoint Migrator About SharePoint Migrator SharePoint Migrator is a… Read more

CRO Exchange Rates New Version Released

3 PRO has recently released a new version of CRO Exchange Rates, custom SharePoint application for all SharePoint users that work with the HRK (Croatian kuna) currency. It shows the most frequently quoted currencies against HRK, which is the base currency,… Read more