Windows 10 and Office 365 Corporate Branding Configuration

Let’s say you are the CEO or another important person in your organization, and you want to set up corporate branding on all your computers with the Windows 10 operating system. Your contracted technical support does not have to connect to each computer individually to set the wallpaper; it can be configured at once.

Also, to decrease the chance of a potential malware attack, it’s good to have a custom login screen for your Office 365 organizational account with a recognizable visual identity.

For corporate branding configuration – wallpapers, lock screens and the login screen – 3 PRO uses scripts and the Microsoft Intune Cloud-based service for device management.

Why is Corporate Branding important for your Business?

In case you represent your organization at an online meeting or you are speaking at the conference, at some point the attenders will see your wallpaper, and will be able to more effectively connect the business brand to the person.

The other scenario is when you need to sign-in to your account – the aim is that the user recognizes that he is on the correct login screen. Many phishing emails will lead to a native look-a-like login screen, so, just to be sure, we recommend setting up the login screen with the organization’s branding. 3 PRO can customize the background, banner logo and additional text for your Office 365 organizational sign-in page.

Three reasons why you should have a corporate logo on your wallpaper and login screen

  1. It grows confidence – corporate identity can indicate a strong commitment.
  2. It raises brand awareness – you want to achieve that customers associate positive experiences with the company’s visual identity.
  3. It shapes loyalty – a very important thing is to win the hearts of your customers.