Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

Almost every email user is a target of malware emails. They often appear as fake documents, links (URLs), etc. To prevent unpleasant situations, we suggest the implementation of Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, which provides an additional layer of protection to organizations against malicious attacks.

What can malware do to your computer?

  1. Email malware can steal your sensitive data, including passwords.
  2. Ransomware can delete or encrypt your files.
  3. Suspicious email attachments could include code that can download more malware onto your computer.
  4. It can enable a third party to intercept and infiltrate into your correspondence.

What is Advanced Threat Protection?

Advanced Threat Protection is a cloud-based email protection service that keeps your data safe against malware and viruses. It consists of ATP Safe Attachments, ATP Safe Links, anti-phishing policies, ATP for SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams, real-time reports, and threat trackers. The main task of the mentioned features is to safeguard an organization from harmful links that are part of a message or an Office document, and to safeguard email and documents in real-time.

In order to successfully detect malicious activities, all features use a variety of machine learning and analysis techniques.

ATP is included in the Office 365 Enterprise E5 plan; it is also possible to purchase it as an add-on to the following Office 365 plans:

  • Office 365 Business Essentials
  • Office 365 Business Premium
  • Office 365 Enterprise E1
  • Office 365 Enterprise E3
  • Office 365 Enterprise F1
  • Office 365 A1
  • Office 365 A3