Modern Local Government – Solutions Based on Internet Intelligent Devices for Smartphones


Microsoft Croatia organized a free seminar intended for local governments. In 20 minutes we presented on how to improve everyday operations and raise productivity.

Here are a few solutions that we have talked about:

Find Parking

Searches free public parking spaces – sensor signals the state of parking spaces to the cloud, which allows the user to have real-time insight into free parking spots – via the web or a mobile application.
Benefits: avoid traffic jams, reduce fuel consumption, reduce pollution, generate statistics on traffic jams at different times


Measures air quality (PM, CO, NO2, and CO2 concentration), temperature, humidity, UV radiation, and noise – mobile sensors record information and store them in the cloud, either for internal or public use.
Benefits: environment monitoring via smart data display (GPS and maps), alarms based on the measured values

Smart Public Transit

A solution which provides last-minute ticket purchasing or public transport subscription renewal.
Benefits: online ticket purchasing, ticket history tracking, notifications on ticket expiration

Power BI – Cloud data presentation & analytics

A suite for presentation and comparison of different business data (from new or existing databases), and real-time interaction with reports.


Microsoft Office 365 – SharePoint Online – Intranet system for information management

Perfect for archiving and document classification, allows for quick and easy searching, versioning and change recording, and provides you with the possibility to work on any device from anywhere.


CRM Online

Online relationship management system for interactions with citizens. Enables question submission, response status monitoring, and citizen satisfaction measurement.


G2C (Government to Citizen) – e-business system

A web portal and mobile application for end users – citizens. It provides information about transactions, possible financial debt, and payment information.

In case you are interested in these solutions, contact us and arrange a meeting. We offer consulting services, IT implementation, maintenance and support, system designing and development.

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