Microsoft Teams – New Features

At the Ignite conference, Microsoft announced a bunch of new features inside the Teams application. We picked a few interesting ones to highlight.

Private Channels

A private channel is the perfect feature for those who need to work on a specific project. A group of people that are part of a team can collaborate in a focused space without spamming others, and without having to create a completely separate Team. It’s designated with a lock icon; only members of private channels can see it and participate in conversations.


This feature allows users to pop out chats, meetings, calls, and documents into separate windows. It will available from the beginning of 2020.

Pinned channels

Later this year, all Teams users will be able to pin important channels to the top of their team lists.

Pinned applications

Also, It will be possible to pin frequently used apps to the left main rail.


The whiteboard app is now generally available in Teams meetings. It does not matter if your colleagues are in the same room or working remotely – you can brainstorm together on the same virtual canvas.

Safe links

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection safeguards Teams messages from harmful links. When somebody shares a URL in a private chat or channel conversations, Teams will scan the web address and alert users if there is a threat.