Windows Server 2016 Now Available From 3 PRO


3 PRO can now offer the newest cloud-ready operating system – Windows Server 2016, which delivers security, efficiency, and innovation to organizations of all sizes. It supports both your current workloads, and a seamless transition to the Cloud.

What’s new?

  • New deployment options
  • Built-in Containers
  • Cost-efficient Storage
  • Innovative Networking
  • Security layers

Fortified Operating System



Windows Server 2016 includes protection against malicious attacks on your system. In case someone finds a way into your environment, built-in security layers will detect suspicious activities and limit the damage.

  • Protect your Virtual Machines – Shielded Virtual Machines feature encrypts VMs using BitLocker and ensures they run only on healthy hosts
  • Secure Admin Credentials – with Credential Guard and Remote Credential Guard, administrator credentials are safe from Pass-the-Hash attacks
  • Protect the Operating System – Control Flow Guard prevents memory corruption attacks, and protects on-premises or cloud applications
  • Quick Detection – detect malicious behavior using Operation Management Suite Insights & Analytics tools to set up alerts
  • Application Isolation – container-based applications are protected with Hyper-V containers

Be more efficient


You desire lower costs with greater flexibility? Windows Server 2016 is an automated and resilient operating system that brings additional features and control, and also provides a robust software storage layer – inline with today’s converged and hyperconverged industry trends. It helps to reduce storage management costs and increase data center efficiency.

  • it’s easy to migrate workloads from on-premises to a Windows Server VM in the Cloud
  • virtual machines have built-in security for virtualized workloads
  • it’s possible to upgrade Hyper-V and scale-out File Server clusters to Windows Server 2016 without downtime
  • deploy applications on multiple operating systems
  • Nano Server installation helps to increase availability and reduce resource usage

Innovate faster


Developers want that applications in production work the same way as they do on their own machines. Help them to create on-premises and cloud application using containers, microservices, and Nano Server:

  • run current applications without modifying them
  • move existing apps to containers with little or no code changes
  • build Cloud and hybrid apps using containers (Nano Server, Azure Service Fabric, and Windows Server) to build, test and deploy

Upgrade to the Windows Server 2016 today!