The New Edge Browser

The Internet has become a pillar of everyday life. Most of the computer-based jobs require work within the web browser. That was the main reason why Microsoft wanted to create the best browser for its users. The stable release of the Edge browser is available from today, and there are several reasons why you should get it!

New features

Edge is bringing new features focused on business users. You don’t need to use a Google account; it supports sync services directly through both Microsoft personal and work accounts.

It also has tracking prevention turned on by default, which protects user privacy, and helps mitigate malware. Edge gives you more control over your data, and it will not send any information to Google, which is mandatory if you use the Google Chrome browser.

The new Edge browser offers the best performance with more privacy and more value for your business.

For web content management, there is a feature called Collections which helps you to organize your research and allows you to export that content to Word or Excel.

Another new feature allows users to customize a new tab page layout and design, and to choose the type of news they want.

New visual identity

It is not crucially important information, but it’s good to know that instead of a well-known blue “e” logo, the new browser has a new visual identity that looks like a wave.

Start using Edge today!

It’s supported on Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, and macOS, in more than 90 languages.

You can download it directly from the Microsoft Edge site, or you can wait for the automatic release for your device via Windows Update.

For Android and iOS users, the app is available directly on the appropriate platform store.

3 PRO wholeheartedly recommends the new Edge browser because it integrates closely with the existing Microsoft infrastructure/ecosystem, and does not depend on 3rd party services, such as Google’s. All Microsoft services are natively built-in; for example, logging in with a Microsoft or Work account, Policy and Conditional Access support for Corporate users, integration with other enterprise services such as Advanced Threat Protection, etc.

As an added benefit, the new Edge browser can also utilize almost the entire base of pre-existing Google Chrome extensions!