Why choose IBM FlashSystem?

The IBM FlashSystem family is not just for big organizations; it includes entry-level products suitable for small and mid-size businesses, as well as being able to satisfy mid-range and high-end needs. You no longer need a complex mix of storage solutions.

Why is FlashSystem ideal for you business?

  • There are no software licensing costs for entry-level machines – software is already included in the machine price.
  • IBM Storage Insights allows you to monitor IBM storage, as well as 500+ multi-vendor systems from a single pane.
    • The free version comes bundled with all FlashSystem products.
  • The HyperSwap functionality, available for most machines, can enable 100% availability.
  • With up to 5x data reduction you can store more with less hardware.

IBM Storage Insights

FlashSystem Solutions

FlashSystem 5010

A budget-friendly solution with enterprise-class features that increases agility; gives you up to 70% better performance compared to previous models, and includes a 3-year warranty. Suitable for small business storage needs.

FlashSystem 5030

Mid-range workloads do not have to be expensive. FlashSystem 5030 offers scalability and high-performance data compression and de-duplication.

FlashSystem 5100

Enables performance, scalability, and flexibility in a 2U rack unit. It provides blazing fast response times at an affordable price point.

FlashSystem 7200

High-end storage capabilities for organizations that need enterprise-class mid-range storage. Suitable for real-time analytics, AI apps and multi-cloud architectures that require consistent high levels of performance.

FlashSystem 9200

Brings the highest levels of performance, security, and availability. It’s NVMe-optimized storage for modern enterprises.

Test Drive

Contact us if you want to try IBM storage for free. Test Drive gives you a chance to experience the performance of new IBM’s FlashSystem solutions.

3 PRO as an IBM Gold Business Partner can demonstrate one of the available Storage Systems on your location, together with its capabilities, so that you could witness all the benefits for your business firsthand.

Test Drive is available until September 30, 2020.