IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI Now Available!

IBM Spectrum Fusion Storage

Ok, let’s start with a question – what is IBM Spectrum Storage Fusion HCI?

It’s an All-in-One Cloud-native environment for OpenShift that provides a perfect spot for running containerized workloads. Cloud-native solutions increase agility and accelerate business growth!

Spectrum Fusion is an innovative solution from IBM, which includes all the necessary elements for mission-critical containers and the hybrid cloud. It encompasses services that are crucial for global data-driven enterprise applications.

HCI stands for Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, which binds servers, storage, and network into software-defined building blocks – delivered as a ready-to-go package.

A picture speaks a thousand words

IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI Infographic

One dashboard to rule them all

IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI includes a GUI where you can view and manage all hardware and software resources. The dashboard shows the status of the CPU, memory, storage, and network, as well as utilization rates and notable events.

We know you need it!

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