3 PRO is now a Lenovo Data Center Platinum Partner

We are very proud to announce that 3 PRO has become a Lenovo Data Center Platinum Partner. It is the highest and most prestigious level that a Lenovo DCG (Data Center Group) partner can get, and is now held only by a couple of companies in Croatia.

Our partnership with the Lenovo DCG team extends way back to the time when the presently Lenovo Data Center business was still a part of IBM. Our close cooperation was maintained throughout the transition of the business to Lenovo, at the highest possible level, and still remains such to this day.

Achievement of the ultimate partnership level with Lenovo stands as a testament to our continued certification for, commitment to, and most extensive expertise with, Lenovo Data Center products and technologies – to the ultimate benefit of our Customers, without which our success and this milestone would never be possible. We thank you all, and look forward to new challenges that the future will bring.

We also take this opportunity to show our appreciation to the Lenovo team, and especially to the local Lenovo Croatia Office, as well as to our local and global Distributors, for supporting us throughout all these years.

3 PRO has been our trustful and reliable partner for a long period of time. Their hard work and dedication to the Lenovo Data Center Group helped them to achieve this status.“ – stated Mr. Haris Kulenovic, the Lenovo DCG Sales Representative in Croatia.

And now, a short refresh: as a Lenovo DCG Platinum Partner, 3 PRO can deliver the following services and equipment that we’re specialized in, at a maximum level of confidence:

  • Consultations, planning, sizing, deployment, maintenance and support
  • ThinkSystem Servers, Flex and Dense systems, Fiber Channel and Networking
  • ThinkAgile SX for Azure Stack hyperconverged appliances

Lenovo business-class laptops, workstations and PCs are also available though us.