Power BI – Design Your Own Dashboard

It’s convenient to have a clean and readable Power BI dashboard. You should be able to see all the important information at first glance. The question is, which steps do you need to take to accomplish that?

  1. Less is more – avoid scroll bars on the dashboard, remove all non-essential data, and keep only important results.
  2. Use full-screen mode – read your reports without distractions.
  3. Accent the most important information – sometimes this is just a number, such as the number of opportunities, total revenue, etc.
  4. Put the most important data in the top left corner. It’s natural for us to read from left to right, top to bottom.

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Power BI Dashboard for Mobile Phones

It’s possible to customize your dashboard in the Power BI service for portrait mode on your mobile phone.

Natively, dashboard tiles are the same size, laid out one after another. In the edit view of the Power Bi service you can unpin, resize, and rearrange tiles to fit your phone.