Microsoft Productivity Score

The way how people work has changed over the past few years. You probably know the ubiquitous phrase we’ve been hearing about for years – digital transformation. That is what today’s business is all about. The available technology and solutions help us to become more productive.

Microsoft 365 was designed to create a better and more efficient work environment; recently, the tool called Productivity Score was announced. Productivity Score gives insights into how an organization works and shows actions that need to be taken to improve productivity. It’s focused on two areas: technology and employee experience.

The employee experience shows how people collaborate and communicate, how they work from anywhere, and what their meeting culture is like. On the other hand, the technology experience encompasses device optimization and network operation.

Productivity Score Private Preview

Only a private preview version is currently available. For employee experience, you must have an Office 365 commercial plan or a Microsoft 365 subscription, and for technology experience you must have at least 50 Intune or co-managed Windows 10 devices. If you want to try it, feel free to contact us today!