OneNote Completely Free for Mac and Windows

From now on, OneNote is completely free for both Windows and Mac computers. You will have to use it via OneDrive because it does not support direct local storage, but you will still be able to access your notes while you are offline. Click here for instructions on how to expand your OneDrive with an extra 100 GB of storage.

You are able to sync OneNote with all platforms: Mac, iPad, iPhone, PC, Windows tablets, Windows Phone, Android.


“One place for all your notes”

The OneNote service provides a cloud API, so you can connect it to any application:

  • OneNote Clipper if you want to capture something from web pages like news, articles, blog posts, etc.
  • Office Lens for screenshotting documents with Windows Phone
  • for emailing notes to OneNote
  • and much more…


New free features include:

  • Page history
  • Password protected sections
  • Embedding files

Download OneNote here, and use it for as long as you want!