Windows 10 – One OS To Rule Them All

Microsoft recently revealed news about the new operating system – Windows 10. It will be a free upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users for one year after the operating system launches. Except for desktop computers, tablets and smartphones, Windows 10 will be available for Xbox One too. Once you purchase an app you will be able to to use it on all your Devices with no additional costs. Windows 10 was made for a world in which mobility and Cloud are key. Microsoft made the OS more enterprise-friendly as well, optimized for both touch and classic keyboard and mouse use.

‘One product family, one platform, one store’


What is new?

Start Menu – The Start menu has a revamped look, with nested folders you remember from the previous Windows versions. Now it has a customizable space with Live Tiles for your favorite applications. You can also revert to the Windows 8 Start page look.


Everything runs in a window – Applications downloaded from the Windows Store can be opened in the same format as desktop applications. Microsoft enabled the maximize and minimize options.

Snap enhancements –Now you can snap four applications on the same screen with a new quadrant layout.

New task view button – A new option that allows you quick switching between open files.

Search button – A search button was added to the taskbar. This will make finding files faster and easier.

Multiple desktops – You are able to create desktops for different purposes and switch between them easily.

Find files faster – Your recent files and frequently visited folders are now displayed in File Explorer, so you can find the files you’ve worked on easier.

Cortana – A voice-driven personal assistant which will help you to find things more easily. The Cortana bar is always in the taskbar; you can type search queries in there, or just tap the Cortana circle to see news, weather and other info. You can also talk to Cortana using plain language.


Spartan – A new web browser for all Windows 10 devices. Spartan has a note-taking mode and clipping tools for saving parts of websites directly to OneNote; you can also annotate web pages with digital ink and search them with voice commands thanks to Cortana.

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