Office 2010 – End of Support

Office 2010 was built to help users to become more productive. But, as we know, software and technology development force us to adjust to the new digital era. Many organizations moved to the cloud and they already went through the digital transformations of their businesses.

So, why is Office 2010 not appropriate for your organization? Its extended support will end on October 13, 2020. And from that date, users will no longer have:

  • bug fixes, security fixes, including security updates that protect your computer from malicious attacks
  • software updates
  • phone and chat technical support

Also, they will not be able to download Office 2010 apps from the Microsoft web site.

We recommend an upgrade to Microsoft 365 Apps.

What will happen if you don’t upgrade to Microsoft 365 Apps?

If you decide to use Office 2010 after the end of the support date, your Office applications will function, but your business will be exposed to potential risks.

Stay secure and supported: contact 3 PRO, and upgrade your Office apps today! We have highly experienced IT engineers who will help you run your IT operations without any complications.