Teams and Skype interoperability capabilities

Teams and Skype users can now communicate with each other through chats and calls, whether they use clients on the desktop, web, or mobile phone (Android and iOS).

It is recommended to have Skype 8.58, or a later version.

How To Start A Call?

Teams users can search for Skype users by typing their email in the search bar. Note that some Skype users choose not to appear in the search results.

Skype users also have to search for Teams users by email address. After that, the Teams user will get a notification that they need to accept before they can reply. If the Teams user accepts the conversation, both users can start to chat and call each other. But, if the Teams users selects the block option, all messages from that Skype user will be blocked.


  • @mentions, emojis and other types of rich formatting are not available
  • There are no group chats; one-on-one only
  • Users can not see each other’s presence
  • Searching for Skype users by their ID or phone number is not supported

External Access Configuration

For new tenants, external access for this capability is turned on by default. For older tenants: if you’re unable to use this capability, 3 PRO can set the necessary parameters for you, that allow Teams users to communicate with Skype users. Contact us today!