SharePoint – Everyday Features

SharePoint is a perfect tool for document management. It’s accessible from any device through a web browser. Here are some cool features for everyday use:


SharePoint alerts keep you updated when something on your site or in the document has been modified. They are available for your lists, libraries, folders, files, list items, and they can be delivered by email or a text message to your mobile phone. Also, you can choose their frequency – immediately after a modification, or daily/weekly notification.


The file title, author name, file size attributes etc. are called metadata.

Sometimes, the information they contain is enough. For improved organization of files you can define your own columns, such as categories, document type, etc. This could make your life significantly easier.

Version History

The Version History feature allows you to view, restore, and delete old versions of your documents. In the version history pane, you can see the following information:

  • version number
  • date and time when the version was created
  • name of the user who made changes
  • size
  • comments

Keep in mind that this feature has to be enabled in the Library or List settings.

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