Secure Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

The safety of our customers has always been paramount. Our RND team continuously researches and tests tools that provide high availability, privacy, and simplicity. One of them is Microsoft Teams, which we have been using since the very beginning.

MS Teams can help your organization raise security to a higher level.

Important Security and Privacy Features in MS Teams

Meeting Options

You decide who can join your meeting and who should wait in the lobby. As a meeting organizer, you can define presenters and attendees, control who can to present content, and remove participants during the meeting if needed.

Recording Access

Only meeting attendees and those who were invited to the meeting have access to the recording of the meeting. Recordings are located on the Microsoft Stream service and can be downloaded or shared according to specified permissions.

External Access

This feature enables Teams users from other organizations to join and work within specific teams and channels. It’s an essential feature when people from multiple organizations need to collaborate with each other.

Multi-Factor Authentication

A password alone is not sufficient for account protection anymore. To protect organizational accounts from attacks, there must be an additional form of identity verification. 3 PRO recommends the Microsoft MFA mobile application, which integrates fully with Microsoft’s Cloud services.

Advanced Threat Protection

Safeguards users from malicious content. When ATP identifies harmful content, it automatically locks it, so that users are unable able to open it or share it with other people.


Audio/video traffic and chat messages are encrypted by SRTP – the Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol.

There are also many other features like Data Loss Prevention, Channel moderation, Communication compliance, Conditional access, etc. As each organization is specific, we recommend performing an analysis and providing consultations so that we can tailor the services to fit your organization’s needs.

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In the current information technology landscape, organizations should regularly explore additional security features and functionalities. Our certified IT engineers can help you understand which steps you should take to become more secure.

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