Case Study: Migration from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365

We had a challenge ahead: migrating users from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 environment including mailboxes, calendars, and contact lists.

The first step involved thorough preparation of the Microsoft 365 tenant, including domain verification, to establish control over the user’s domain. Additionally, groups and users were created within the Microsoft 365 environment, aligning them with the corresponding settings from the previous Google Workspace setup. And we didn’t forget about keeping things safe, so we added security measures like setting up filters and policies to keep the environment secure for the migrated data in Microsoft 365.

Once the Microsoft 365 tenant was properly set up and optimized, we started migrating the data step by step to ensure a controlled and organized transfer of data.

Throughout the migration process, close attention was paid to data integrity and completeness. Careful monitoring and validation ensured that all emails, contacts, and calendars were accurately migrated to the Microsoft 365 environment and any potential issues were promptly identified and fixed to guarantee a successful migration outcome.

By utilizing the migration’s capabilities and adopting a meticulous approach, the transition from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 was executed seamlessly as the user’s emails, contacts, and calendars were effectively migrated, ensuring continuity and access to critical data within the new Microsoft 365 environment. This migration not only allowed the user to benefit from the additional features and functionalities of Microsoft 365, but also ensured a smooth transition without compromising data integrity or disrupting their everyday operations.

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