New IBM Spectrum Virtualize Software V7.6 Out Now!


If your storage requirements are growing too fast, IBM Spectrum Virtualize Software can help you with that! It is designed to enhance the benefits of server virtualization by reducing complexities, improving availability, and lowering the cost of storage management.

„A flexible, responsive, available, scalable, and efficient storage environment“

The IBM Spectrum Virtualize software is compatible with various platforms: SAN Volume Controller (SVC), Storwize V7000, Storwize V5000, Storwize V3700, and FlashSystem V9000. Those products are suitable for storage virtualization and advanced storage capabilities in environments such as large enterprises to small and midsize companies.


Spectrum Virtualize includes the following features:

  • virtualize block storage arrays to centralize storage management
  • improve utilization of storage capacity
  • avoid downtime for backups, maintenance, and upgrades
  • support data migration without disruption to applications
  • enable virtualized storage volumes to be managed as a single pool of storage
  • enable advanced functionalities to be used across multiple virtualized storage array
  • enable a high-availability storage infrastructure through Stretched Cluster or HyperSwap®
  • improve the efficiency of the virtualized block storage infrastructure with advanced technologies such as Real-time Compression™
  • move the most accessed dana automatically to higher performance tiers through EasyTier®

New functionalities in 7.6:

  • Encryption: improves data security and confidentiality. It is available for both internal capacities of SVC, Storwize V7000 and FlashSystems V9000 and externally virtualized capacities of Storwize V7000, SVC, and FlashSystems V9000
  • Distributed RAID: now available for internal capacities, enables up to 10 times faster RAID array rebuild times.
  • IP quorum base support: enables the use of a lower cost IP network-attached host as a quorum disk for simplified implementation and operation
  • HyperSwap GUI support: offers a new command-line interface which simplifies the setup process to a handful commands, and also enables configuration and management of local HyperSwap through the GUI
  • VMWare VVol integration
  • Increase maximum quantity of iSCSI hosts: increases the maximum number of iSCSI host sessions from 256 to 1024 per node
  • Integrated Comprestimator: analyzes the patterns of the actual customer data, and estimate the compressibility of data per volume
  • Improvement in the worldwide support processes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week