IBM Storwize V5000E Pricing Estimate Calculator

Affordable, with uncompromising performance, and accessible to organizations of all sizes – the IBM Storwize V5000E Series.

Key Features:

  1. Easy Data Mobility
  2. IBM Easy Tier
  3. Advanced Copy Services
  4. Intelligent Support
  5. Compression and Deduplication (V5030E)
  6. 2-Way Clustering (V5030E)

Configure your own IBM Storwize V5000E and get pricing estimates immediately!

Select your desired Hard Disk and/or Flash Drives, a Host Interface Card, the Cache upgrade feature, and/or additional software functionalities.

The pricing provided by this portal is indicative and adequate for budgeting and comparison purposes.

Once you require a formal Quote, feel free to Download Specs and the generated PDF file, along with key details about your Organization (name, address, VAT ID…) and a short description of your requirements and workload. Based on the information provided we will attempt to determine whether the Storwize model V5010E or V5030E would best fit your needs, and will prepare and send you an appropriate formal IBM Project Quotation.