Web App Deployment via Azure


Azure is a cloud computing platform that contains a variety of cloud services, including Web Apps which is a part of Azure App Service. Web Apps service allows you to build, deploy, and manage websites and web applications using .NET, Node.js, PHP, Python, and Java programming languages.

Also, Azure Web Apps supports Windows and Linux operational systems, so it’s possible to deploy apps through the OS you prefer.

Scalability, Agility & Insights

There are few cool benefits why developers should build apps in the cloud:

Applications can scale according to your business needs, especially if you’re building a website and you’re planning a marketing campaign that has a burstable scale requirement.

You are able to deploy multiple versions of applications at any time.

Insights show how your apps behave and run, and it helps you to improve applications, thanks to performance management that detect, triage, and diagnose issues in web apps and services.

It is the fastest way to build web apps

Where to use Azure Web Apps?

Web apps service is suitable for sites that have lots of daily traffic and/or periodic spikes in traffic. For example, web shops with Black Friday and sales, airline ticket sites and their weekly discounts, commercial music streaming sites, etc.


Let’s say that you have a website that sells airline tickets, and every week you want release discounts for some destination, so it’s expected that you’ll have spikes in traffic.
This is an example where scalability kicks in. Thanks to Azure App Service, it’s possible to increase your plan with bigger disk space and a larger number of instances at any time, without downtime.